Chelsea Hrynick Browne
Flatiron Prow Art Space
Cheryl McGinnis Projects curator of the Sprint Flatiron Prow Art Space presents artist Chelsea Hrynick Browne’s site-specific hand-cut origami shapes. Like flakes, the work possess both a movement and stillness. Like real snowflakes, they can be experienced individually like a dusting of snow or for their all encompassing swirling momentum like recent storm Jonas. Ironically, Jonas coincided with the opening of “Flakes.”

"Artist Chelsea Hrynick Browne has found the ideal outlet to utilize her training in fine art and mathematics. Described as “obsessive detailed repetition,” Chelsea hand cuts origami paper into intricate patterns over and over again until the layers form a larger abstract “painting”. What begins as a precise form evolves into something interpretive, elusive and beautiful.

Like all New Yorkers, each small work is unique, interpretive, elusive, quirky, beautiful.

We are all flakes!"